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Cosmetic and Performance Upgrades to Your Boat

Cosmetic and Performance Upgrades to Your Boat

Upgrades make all the difference to the overall performance and value of your boat. The investment in cosmetic upgrades and high-performance boat accessories will not only extend the life of your boat but will also increase its comfort, style, and speed.

There are several upgrades to consider if you are considering investing in new boat accessories. Some of these enhancements can be cosmetic, while others are an investment in parts and accessories that will increase your boat's performance.

Enhancing Your Boat’s Performance Parts

Whether you are looking to upgrade a center console, pontoon, pleasure, or fishing boat, certain upgrades will provide different outcomes for each. Whatever type of boat you own, you can repair, update, modify, or restore performance parts to enhance whatever you want to improve. Here are a few:

  • Tune your propeller. Don't underestimate the value of a tuning process. You don’t have to disassemble or replace the engine to add power and speed to your boat. Depending on the number of propellers you have, this can be a cost-effective upgrade when it comes to improving your boat’s overall performance.

  • Add an exhaust header. If you’re looking to increase your boat’s horsepower, adding a tubular steel header on big-block engines will provide a smoother ride. These enhance the tuning and give you more of a speed advantage.

  • Add superchargers. Additionally, superchargers will provide additional speed without tearing apart your engine. Depending on the supercharger you choose, there is also an added consideration to make when it comes to premium fuel and ignition timing.

Installing High-Performance Boat Accessories

Along with enhancing and upgrading boat parts, we can not forget about the cosmetic accessories that add to the value and comfort of your ride. From freshwater fishing to wake surfing and pontoon cruising, upgrading cosmetic features will bring a sense of added luxury and style to your boating experience.

Here are a few accessories to consider adding to your boat to achieve just that:

  • Install USB charging ports. Enhance the technology features with electronic upgrades such as charging ports for cell phones and speakers. This is a simple install process and one that your boating guests will appreciate as well.

  • Upgrade your fish finder. Whether it is a software update or installing a brand new system, upgrading the fish finder will help increase its accuracy. Ultimately, this can translate to more success for your day spent fishing out on the water.

  • Add LED lighting. Not only do LED lights enhance the cosmetic style of your boat, but they are also more reliable than incandescent light bulbs, which use more energy. Adding this cosmetic feature provides higher quality light on and around your boat, making the overall navigation safer as well.

  • Put in more cup holders. Add more comfort and convenience to your boat’s interior space by adding more cup holders. This small cosmetic upgrade offers an even more relaxed and enjoyable experience when you're out on the water — especially with family or a group of friends

Using Detailing Services

A clean boat is a healthy boat. More than adding boat performance parts and cosmetic accessories, keeping your boat properly clean and cared for is just as necessary. Consistent tune-ups and details ensure added longevity for your boat and are just as important for the overall performance.

All in all, when it comes to upgrading your boat parts and keeping it clean and well-cared for, the quality-of-service matters. Owning a boat is an investment you want to be proud of, so whether you are upgrading your boat’s performance with better parts, simply adding accessories, or getting your boat detailed, Ed Watkins Marine service department provides upgrades and install services for all boating enthusiasts.

It remains our top priority to guarantee that your boat is in great working condition, and we will provide the quality of service you and your boat deserve. To schedule a service or get more information about the cosmetic upgrades we offer, get in touch today!